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Our Consulting Services team helps clients thrive in a business environment affected by competitive threats, customer demands, technology developments, and world events. From sophisticated customer management and integrated supply chain solutions to comprehensive business transformation, we offer the expertise to get the job done.affected by competitive threats, customer demands, technology developments, and world events.


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\r\n\r\nA leader in Outsourcing, Verve’s collaborative approach allows you to achieve better, faster and more sustainable result.Our varied approaches to outsourcing range from traditional engagements that focus on quick cost reductions to value-added transformational arrangements that impact deeper, broader changes within organizations. Verve’s s innovative approach of having the right resources, in the right location, at the right cost as your needs change, will provide flexible and scalable solutions. Verve’s comprehensive portfolio of business process outsourcing services provide industry-specific as well as cross-industry BPO solutions that enable our clients to focus on core competencies, achieve operational excellence and outperform the competition. We specialize in Imaging, Business Process Outsourcing and contact centre: .\r\n\r\n


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\r\n\r\nOur application development practice provides that we deliver what a client wants. These are best of breed solutions that help achieve competitive advantage, cost savings while streamlining operations to increase efficiency. From out-of-the-box applications to custom designed ones, we ensure you spend more time growing your business, improving your processes.\r\n\r\n

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Changes in institutions in an era of convergence and discovery, we have incorporated solutions with customized services for various institutions – all this while keeping your customers in mind. We at Verve help you achieve your business objectives; our unique ability to architect integrated solutions covers application development to infrastructure management and process outsourcing. Through this, we deliver measurable business benefits like improved productivity reduced cost of deployment and improved speed to market for our customers.


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Over the years the public sector has been going through unprecedented transformation adopting the private sector’s customer-centered approach. To deliver improved services to citizens and other agencies while incorporating significant budget reforms, public organizations which previously operated independently are now having to collaborate. As with any major change, precise planning and a skilled approach are essential.




Verve has emerged to be the undisputed leader in the Insurance industry in the region. With a portfolio of large roll outs, top insurance in the region not only shows our deep understanding of the Insurance and Financial Industry, but also our capacity to adapt and tailor a solution to industry and Client specific needs. We sought to enhance its internal efficiencies and disaster recovery position through implementation of an Electronic Document Management & Workflow System.


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The banking and capital markets industry has seen a dramatic transformation over the years, witnessing major trends like tighter regulatory and compliance frameworks, a spate of mergers and acquisition and increasing demands for customized and sophisticated products and services. Besides these important trends, banks face complex business challenges like attracting and retaining promising customers and shrinking margins in an intensely competitive banking industry. The need to seize opportunity—here and now—requires innovative thinking to transform enterprises for the next level of performance.